Contested Races
U.S. Senator 
  • Mandela Barnes (D)
  • Ron Johnson (R) inc.*
U.S. Congress District 4
  • Gwendolyn Moore (D) inc.*
  • Tim Rogers (R)
  • Robert R. Raymond (I)
Wisconsin Governor/Lieutenant Governor
  • Tony Evers (D) inc.*/Sara Rodriguez (D)
  • Tim Michels (R)/Roger Roth (R)
  • Joan Ellis Beglinger (I)/No candidate
WI Attorney General 
  • Josh Kaul (D) inc.*
  • Eric Toney (R)
WI Secretary of State
  • Doug LaFollette (D) inc.*
  • Amy Lynn Loudenbeck (R)
  • Neil Harmon (L)
  • Sharyl R. McFarland (G)
WI Treasurer
  • Aaron Richardson (D)
  • John Leiber (R)
  • Andrew Zuelke (C)
WI Assembly District 7
  • Daniel Riemer (D) inc.*
  • Zachary Marshall (R)
WI Assembly District 9
  • Marisabel Cabrera (D) inc.*
  • Ryan Antczak (R)
WI Assembly District 12
  • LaKesha N. Myers (D) inc.*
  • Greg Canady (C)
WI Assembly District 17
  • Supreme Moore Omokunde (D) inc.*
  • Abie Eisenbach (R)

WI Assembly District 20

  • Christine Sinicki (D) inc.*
  • Scott Hermann (R)
WI Assembly District 84
  • Lu Ann Bird (D)
  • Bob Donovan (R)
WI Senate District 3
  • Tim Carpenter (D) inc.*
  • Angel Sanchez (R)
WI Senate District 5
  • Jessica Katzenmeyer (D)
  • Rob Hutton (R)
WI Senate District 7
  • Chris Larson (D) inc.*
  • Peter Gilbert (R)
Milwaukee Common Council District 2 
(non-partisan race)
  • Mark Chambers, Jr.
  • Jerel Ballard
inc.* means incumbent – currently in office
(D) Democrat
(R) Republican
(I) Independent
(G) Green Party
(C) Constitution Party

Two Referendums
1. Should the Wisconsin Legislature prohibit the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semi-automatic “military- style” firearms whose prohibition is allowed under the Wisconsin and United States Constitutions?
Yes or No
2. Do you favor allowing adults 21 years of age and older to engage in the personal use of marijuana, well allow so regulating commercial marijuana related activities, and imposing a tax on the sale of marijuana?
Yes or No

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To answer questions on voting and Photo ID: Call the City of Milwaukee Election Commission @ (414) 286-3491
To find help getting a voter ID: Call (608) 285-2141 and leave a message (English or Spanish); someone will return your call
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