Our Mission

The mission of Sherman Park Community Association is to make Sherman Park an attractive, interesting neighborhood where people of all races, religions, and national origins come together to celebrate and respect our differences, as well as our shared values.

A Rich History, A Promising Future

Founded in 1971, the Sherman Park Community Association began as an organization of residents whose purpose was to encourage people of all races, religions and national origins to come together for the purpose of good quality education, beautiful homes and streets, and reserving Sherman Park as one the most attractive, convenient and interesting places to live in Milwaukee.

Many of its early years were spent fighting unfair real estate practices and assisting homeowners with much needed repairs. It was also in the forefront of efforts aimed at the removal of lead paint in homes with a particular focus on the impact on children.

Today, we continue to encourage people to make their home in Sherman Park by marketing its positive aspects of housing and diversity. We also service as a resource for residents around homeownership, home repairs, beautification and identification of those issues which impact life in Sherman Park now and in the future.

Boundary Map

Sherman Park is bordered by North Avenue on the south, Capitol Drive to the north, 60th to the west, and 30th street with some deviation to the east.