Community Organizing

SPCA  has a long tradition of community organizing for neighborhood empowerment through block watches and quality of life issues. Many of its early years were spent fighting unfair real estate practices and assisting homeowners with much needed repairs. It was also in the forefront of efforts aimed at the removal of lead paint in homes with a particular focus on the impact on children.

These days we focus on promoting Sherman Park as a desirable place to live with a emphasis on its diversity, housing stock and resident empowerment, assisting residents when dealing with problem properties in their neighborhood, hosting community meetings where needed, surveying residents for input on issues, identifying resources for neighborhood activities and using social media to inform residents of new initiatives or activities in Sherman Park.


SPCA currently oversees two programs that provide homeowners with resources to make needed repairs.  We also work with the City of Milwaukee to provide residents with information about other programs available to them city wide.

Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP)

The NIP program assists eligible owner occupants in repairing their homes. All repairs are based upon municipal building code violations, lead hazard reduction, health and safety concerns. Examples of repairs would include roof replacements, porches, floors, and windows.

Sherman Park Neighborhood Improvement District #4 (NID)

Home-owner-occupants in the designated Sherman Park Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) area are eligible for up to $5,000 in home improvement assistance. The Sherman Park Community Association administers the grants for the NID. The NID provides modest grants homeowners of single family homes and duplexes in the WP NID Area (e.g. $500 – $5,000 each) to make the following improvements to their properties: energy efficiency improvements, repairs to increase water efficiency, repairs to the structural condition of the property (including roof repairs), safety improvements (including lighting, fencing and garages) and repairs to increase the curb appeal of property (“Improvements”).

Targeted Investment Neighborhoods (TINs) 

SPCA will also assist residents with their applications to the TIN programs. The goal of the program is to support and encourage homeowners and responsible landlords to improve the safety and appearance of the neighborhood. Homeowners and landlords who use the program can make common household repairs and updates.

Priority Repairs
• Code violation repairs
• Lead paint abatement
• Exterior appearance
• Heating & plumbing upgrades
• Energy conservation
• Weatherization
• Window replacement
• Electrical upgrades

N 36th to N 40th St / West Concordia Ave to Nash St

Partner: Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Contact: Linda Griffin at (414) 873-1045

N 51st St to N 56th St / W Burleigh St to W Center St

Partner:  Sherman Park Community Association
Contact:  Jermaine Alexander (414) 444-9803, ext. 100

Capitol to Burleigh / 27th to 36th

East of 31st St
Partner: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Contact: Barbara Nuell-Moore at (414) 444-8204

West of 31st St
Partner: Sherman Park Community Association
Contact: Jermaine Alexander at (414) 444-9803, ext. 100