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SPCA is still in need of volunteers for its polling site at Mary Ryan Boys and Girls club. We continue to believe that it is critical that we offer people an in person voting option for those who wish to do so in addition to all the unfounded doubt that continues to be cast around absentee mail voting. However, our ability to do so is directly related to having enough volunteers to staff the site, and currently we do not have enough. We are taking every precaution in terms of protective gear and appropriate site protocols so as to protect you and our voters. Because we are expecting a large turnout, we need at least 30 volunteers, so please consider volunteering for anywhere from 5 hours to a full day. If interested, contact Deborah at 414-736-5420 or dford1706@gmail.com by October 18th.

Do you want to work the elections? Volunteer as an Election Inspector!

In conjunction with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, Sherman Park Community Association has adopted the voting site in the Mary Ryan Boys & Club in Sherman Park, 3000 N. Sherman Blvd. Because of the guaranteed large turnout, we need 50 volunteers to serve as election inspectors.

  • Inspectors issue ballots, register new voters, assist voters, or act as greeters
  • Qualifications are to write legibly, pay attention to details and work well with people
  • Inspectors can either work a full day (6:00 am – 8:30 pm) or a split shift (from 6:00am until 2:00pm or from 1:30pm until 8:30pm). Breaks are given throughout the day. You can also come at times that are more convenient times that work for you.
  • Also, this is a fundraiser for SPCA so you can do your civic duty and support SPCA. This is also a tax deductible contribution.

The Election Commission has been working hard to ensure that voters and election workers have a safe voting experience in the upcoming elections.

Our safety precautions include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing masks and gloves to all election workers; election workers are also encouraged to wear their own protective gear
  • Providing face shields as needed to election workers
  • Using clear barriers such as plexiglass as much as possible between voters and workers
  • Sanitizing surfaces after every single voter
  • Having each voter sign a separate poll book page
  • Offering masks to all voters who are not already wearing one
  • Ensuring that social distancing is practiced throughout the polling place
  • Providing virtual training, as well as very small in-person training classes, to election workers and chief inspectors

For more information, contact us.