Sherman Park Neighborhood Improvement District #4 (NID)

Home-owner-occupants in the designated Sherman Park Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) area are eligible for up to $5,000 in home improvement assistance. The Sherman Park Community Association administers the grants for the NID. The NID provides modest grants homeowners of single family homes and duplexes in the NID Area (e.g. $500 – $5,000 each) to make the following improvements to their properties: energy efficiency improvements, repairs to increase water efficiency, repairs to the structural condition of the property (including roof repairs), safety improvements (including lighting and garages) and repairs to increase the curb appeal of property (“Improvements”).

Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP)

Sherman park residents are encouraged to apply for the Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP). The NIP assists eligible owner occupants in repairing their homes. All repairs are based upon municipal building code violations, lead hazard reduction, health, and safety concerns. NIP is not a remodeling program. To be considered for the NIP program, homeowners can complete the NIP pre-screening to find out if they may be eligible by clicking the following button:

Targeted Investment Neighborhoods (TINs) 

SPCA will also assist residents with their applications to the TIN programs. The goal of the program is to support and encourage homeowners and responsible landlords to improve the safety and appearance of the neighborhood. Homeowners and landlords who use the program can make common household repairs and updates, including:

  • Code violation repairs
  • Lead paint abatement
  • Exterior appearance
  • Heating & plumbing upgrades
  • Energy conservation
  • Weatherization
  • Window replacement
  • Electrical upgrades

N 36th to N 40th St / West Concordia Ave to Nash St

Partner: Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church
Contact: Linda Griffin at (414) 873-1045

N 51st St to N 56th St / W Burleigh St to W Center St

Partner:  Sherman Park Community Association
Contact:  Jermaine Alexander (414) 444-9803, ext. 100

Capitol to Burleigh / 27th to 36th

East of 31st St
Partner: Northwest Side Community Development Corporation
Contact: Barbara Nuell-Moore at (414) 444-8204

West of 31st St
Partner: Sherman Park Community Association
Contact: Jermaine Alexander at (414) 444-9803, ext. 100

Sherman Park Historic Districts

  • North Sherman Boulevard Historic District: A 14-block long linear residential area that includes buildings on both side of Sherman Boulevard from West Lloyd Street to West Keefe Avenue.
  • North Grant Boulevard Historic District: A linear residential area that includes the buildings on both sides of North Grant Boulevard between West Meinecke and West Locust Streets.
  • North 47 th Street Bungalow Historic District: Located on the 2500 block of 47 th Street between Wright and Clarke Streets. Although no particular style of house was defined in the restrictions, the twenty-four, single-family homes on the block are largely bungalows.

All exterior repairs, replacements, alterations, and building permits at your locally designated historic property and yard require a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) prior to beginning work. For more information on obtaining a COA, click here.